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Honors Choir and Small Ensemble

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                                                                        GMS Chorus

     Chorus is offered during one of the Related Arts class periods at each grade level. 

These choirs are for the student who enjoys singing.  You will experience many different styles of music as well as learn music terminology,  vocal techniques and etc. while in chorus at GMS.   These groups perform for a Christmas Concert in December and a Spring Concert later in the school year. 

     ****No auditions are required in order to participate in Chorus that is offered during our regular school day schedule.  There are grades given in this class.



                                                                         Honors Choir

    Honors Choir is the highest choir level at GMS.   There are auditions you must participate in

 to see if you qualify to be in this group. This small group of 9-12 students meets two days a

week after school (with limited absences).  They also perform at the Christmas and Spring Concerts, sometimes at community events  and  Middle Honors Choir weekend in November.  This November  weekend is in conjunction with "All East" at the High School level.  Students who qualify to be in Honors Choir are expected do extra work at home in learning their parts correctly  and are required to memorize their pieces in able to perform in November.  The music that is selected for this group is more difficult repertoire than in regular chorus.



                                                                      Small Ensemble


     Small Ensemble is the other auditioned group.   This group of approx. 16-20 students

also meets after school two days a week(with limited absences)  They also sing music of more difficulty than chorus during our daily schedule.  Small Ensemble also  performs  at Christmas and Spring  Concerts, and sometimes at other community events.





                                                                         General Music


          There is a General  Music class offered at each grade level.   In these General Music

classes students will learn of harmonizing, chord structure, music terminology, music history

and more.  Each grade level covers different topics.  There are grades given through daily  written work, classroom participation, quizzes and tests.