Evans, Jack Principal
Salyer, Stacy Assistant Principal

Allie, Malissa 6th Grade Language Arts
Anderson, Shelley 6th Grade Social Studies
Bible, Aaron 7th Grade Social Studies (Sabbatical 2017-18)
Broyles, Carrie 6th Grade Science
Bryant, Clancy 7th Grade Language Arts
Candelaria, Abel 6th Grade Math
Chapman, Sarah 6th Grade Inclusion
Click, Holly 7th Grade Math
Cope, Jama 8th Grade Math
Davis, Megan 6th Grade Math
Foshie, Alice 7th Grade Science
Fox, Christie 8th Grade Language Arts
Gass, Tallye 7th Grade Math
Graham, Jerry 6th Grade Science
Gunter, Aundrea 8th Grade Science & Science Team Leader
Harmon, Amanda Art
Hixson, Celeste Math RTI
Jones, Rustin 8th Grade Social Studies
Lafever, Robin Chorus/Music & RA Team Leader
Lamons, Kelly 6th Grade Math & 6th Grade Team Leader
Lenker, Laura 7th Grade Science & 7th Team Leader
Leonard, April 8th Grade Language Arts & Instructional Coordinatior
Math, Seventh Grade 7th Grade Math
McKay, Jessica LRE Teacher
Mercer, Robinson Speech
Monroe, Cindy 7th Grade Language Arts & LA Team Leader
Monroe, Evan 7th Grade Science and Social Studies
Moorman, Amanda 8th Grade Language Arts
Morris, Nichole Librarian
Newberry, Todd PE/Health
Ottinger, Frankie 8th Grade Math & Math Team Leader
Powell, Ekaterina ESL
Renner, Courtney 7th Grade Math
Rominger, Kim 7th Grade Social Studies & Social Studies Team Leader
Rose, Adrienne 8th Grade Math
Schroeck, Jennifer Technology
Seaton, Marty 7th Grade Inclusion
Shelton, Robert 8th Grade Social Studies
Shipley, Donnie 7th Grade Social Studies
Simerly, Jeremy 8th Grade RTI and Inclusion / Athletic Director
Smelcer, Katie Physical Education/Health/Enrichment
Thomas, Rachel Band
Tipton, Kayla 8th Grade Science
Tipton, Richard Instructional Coach
Tolley, Andrea Microsoft Imagine Academy
Trivette, Kim 6th Grade Language Arts
Waller, Kim 6th Grade Language Arts
Wills, Jana 6th Grade Social Studies
Young, Janis 7th Grade Language Arts

Angel, Starla Assistant
Bartrem, Alta Applied Skills Assistant
Broom, Camille Guidance
Cheney, Mindy Assistant
Collins, Brittanee Assistant
Fischer, Kelly Assistant
Fivecoat, Tatiana Assistant
Franklin, Erin Assistant
Gudger, Lonnie Band Assistant
Hardin, Shannon School Secretary
Harman, Summer Cafe Manager
Hartman, Jill Bookkeeper
Lamoy, Peter Custodian
Loewenkamp, Lisa Technology Leader
Miller, Sandy Assistant
Oliver, Judith Assistant
Olson, Matthew Assistant
Ragan, Jennifer Custodian
Ratliff, Rhonda School Nurse
Renner, Amy Guidance
Renner, Scarlett Library Assistant
Sandelovich, Anne Assistant/ GMS Dance Team Coach
Sherman, Alison LRE Assistant
Solesby, Rena Head Custodian
Steen, Judy Applied Skills Assistant
Weese, Spenser Band Assistant

Bailey, Tyler GMS Baseball Coach
Darnell, Steve Assistant Softball coach
Fannon, Brianna Assistant Volleyball Coach
Hopson, Ryan Assistant Baseball Coach
Muhlhahn, Bill Boys Basketball Coach
Nunley, Chandra Assistant Cheer Coach
Potter, Braxton Assistant Baseball Coach
Quillen, Josh Assistant Football Coach
Ramsey, Caden Assistant Baseball Coach
Ricker, Brook Softball Coach
Shoemaker, Jaelyn Head Cheer Coach
Weems, Ben Assistant Girls Basketball Coach
White, Brooke Girls Basketball Coach