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Greeneville City Schools Closing and Delay Information
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Friday, February 02, 2018
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Early Dismissal:

Step 1:

A decision will be made as quickly as possible in order to ensure the safety of the children, parents, and staff.

Step 2:

When possible, a thirty-minute notice will be given to the transportation department to give time for drivers to reach their buses and begin routes.

Step 3:

As soon as a decision is made, schools and media outlets will be notified. Parents will be informed that children may be picked up before buses run. High school students that drive will be dismissed immediately.

Step 4:

Middle school and high school students will be picked up and taken home first by the buses. Following that, elementary buses will run.

Closing and Delay Information:

Click here to view our class schedule for weather delays.

1. Greeneville City Schools closing and delayed opening information may be heard on any of the following radio and television stations (the information will also be posted on our web site,






1340/1450 AM



103.1 FM



101.5 FM

Johnson City



CH 10



CH 11

Johnson City


CH 5



CH 6





Greeneville Sun



2.  The school system’s emergency notification system (SchoolCast) will be used to notify employees and parents of closings, delays, and dismissals as an additional method of communication. Make sure to keep the contact information in your SchoolCast account updated!

3.  Parents are reminded that when schools are on a one or two hour delay, there is a possibility that school could still be called off for the entire day. Therefore, parents should not drop children off at school until the appropriate starting time.

4.  On days when students are released early, decisions may require immediate action; therefore, parents are asked to have a plan in place so that children know where to be delivered by bus or who will be picking them up. This will alleviate concern on the part of the children and allow school phone lines to remain open for emergencies.

5. Parents should note that when school is dismissed early due to bad weather, middle and high school bus routes will be run first. Elementary school routes will be run as soon as middle and high school routes are complete. High school students that drive will be dismissed as soon as the early dismissal decision is made.

6. Unless the specific announcement is made stating central office is open, it is closed.  

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