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Wednesday, August 10, 2016
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 What an exciting time to be a student, teacher, assistant, or parent at Greeneville Middle School and Greeneville City Schools!  Our school family is embarking on a new journey that will benefit and impact our students for the rest of their lives.  I think it was somewhere around 2003 when the words 1:1 were first spoken at GMS; at that point in time it was a dream.  Starting over a decade ago, Greeneville City Schools started on the path to providing a 1:1 technology environment for our students; a dedicated device for each student.  Each year GMS took steps toward improving and preparing for this eventuality. Monday, January 11th, 2016 marks the day that we have reached our dream.

This Monday, our 8th grade students will receive their own personal laptops for use while at school.  We have been working fast and furiously to get our deployment plan in place for our students.  Each day before students even go to class, they will pick up their laptops so that they are ready for the day ahead.  They will carry them from class to class all day.  We hope the knowledge that once a laptop is assigned to a particular student and it is theirs for their entire time at GMS that they will take pride in and responsibility for the care of their device.  Each summer, we will collect the laptops to perform maintenance and get them ready for the next year. The student will be reissued that same device the following year.  We have big plans for the next school year that will allow these devices to go home with the students at night and therefore increase the impact and reach of the 1:1 program.

The teachers at GMS have also been preparing for this new opportunity.  They have been going through professional development on new programs and learning management systems.  They have been working hard to adjust their teaching accordingly. Students have already been introduced to some of the new programs, but they will become more useful and effective with the 1:1 program. 

The 1:1 program is not intended to replace your student’s teachers; it is merely a tool to build their future potential.  The relationships and interactions with their teachers will still be an integral part of their education. Our hope is to allow this opportunity to take us to the next level in getting your students prepared for high school and beyond.  Whether your student plans to attend college after high school, get technical training, or continue their education via other avenues, the odds are that technology will play a large role in their careers. 

We are so excited to be offering this opportunity to your students, and we hope that together we can move them to the next level in technology use and application. As always we appreciate your support in our work with your children.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Students will sign a pledge before they receive their computers. This pledge spells out how the devices are to be taken care of and used. Click here to view a copy of the student pledge.

Both students and parents/guardians signed the Greeneville City Schools Responsible Use Policy when they enrolled in our school system. This policy enumerates the responsible use of technology at school. Please click here to review the RUP.


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Heather Boegemann

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