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Kim Rominger Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Seventh Grade Social Studies



Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education: I am certified to teach kindergarten through eighth grade. I am highly qualified in language arts and history through eighth grade. In addition to my regular endorsement, I am also qualified to teach gifted education and be an administrator. 

Masters of Arts Degree in K-12 Education

Education Specialists in Supervision and Administration


I have taught for twenty-four years in public education. In addition to teaching at GMS, I am also an adjunct faculty member of Tusculum College where I help prepare future teachers.  I have had the privilege to teach many subjects at various grade levels. I love education and feel I am a lifelong learner.



I want to briefly tell you about myself. I am the mother of two daughters, one very precious grandson, Lane, and three pugs. My oldest daughter, Kelly, is a seventh grade math teacher at Rogersville City School.  Brooke is a respitory therapist with a local healthcare agency.   My husband of twenty nine years, Boyce, works in Morristown , Tennessee , for a company named Mahle. 

 I attended DeBusk Elementary and then graduated from South Greene High School in 1979. I earned a bachelor's degree in elementary education from East Tennessee State University in 1985. I waited fifteen years before I completed my Masters in Education from Tusculum College in 1999. I am certified to teach K-8 elementary education and I am also highly qualified in language arts and history. Two years ago I decided to attend the gifted academy at Middle Tennessee State University to be qualifited to teach gifted children. I completed my final degree when I graduated from Lincoln Memorial with an Education Specialists degree in Supervision and Administration. I never had the opportunity to work with technology until I came to work for the Greeneville City Schools. The highlight of my teaching career is making technology available for you and incorporating it daily into my teaching methods.


I have taught many students, and I absolutely love seeing them become successful adults that contribute to our community. You will be in that elite group some day!



I love making each day exciting and keep you wondering what we will do today. Living with two young daughters enables me to remain current with trends and important things to know to keep up with today's teenagers.


I have been at GMS for twenty one years and while here, I have taught history, English, science, math, and gifted education. I was the cross country coach for six years and the student council sponsor for seven.


The best part of my day is when I get home and spend a few minutes playing with my  pugs. I am a dog lover and you will be too after hearing about mine. We will learn together and I know this will be a wonderful year.