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Welcome to Tennessee!

A few facts about the U.S. state that I live in.

The name "Tennessee" comes from the Cherokee Indian language.
Tennessee was the 16th state admitted into the United States of America.
Currently, it ranks as the 17th most populous state in the union.
This state is bordered by Kentucky and Virginia to the North, North Carolina
to the East, Arkansas and Missouri to the West,and Georgia, Alabama, and
Mississippi to the south.

About the State of Tennessee

  • Width:195 km or 120 Miles
  • Length:710 km or 440 Miles
  • Population:6,495,978, ranked 17th in the country
  • Capital City:Nashville

The 5 Largest Cities in Tennessee

  1. Memphis, population 655,155
  2. Nashville, population 624,496
  3. Knoxville, population 182,200
  4. Chattanooga, population 171,279
  5. Clarksville, population 142,519

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