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Due Date: 1/15/2018
Subject: Eighth Grade Social Studies

Monday - MLK Day - No School

Tuesday - SNOW DAY

Wednesday - SNOW DAY  

Thursday - SNOW DAY

Friday - Catching UP! No TEST TODAY. 1. Maker sure Vocabulary is done. 2. Make sure publisher project is done. Make sure your test review is done. Activity - JQA, AJ, and HC texting Activity. Every assignment will be turned in on Tuesday. 


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Due Date: 1/8/2018
Subject: Eighth Grade Social Studies

Monday - SNOW DAY!

Tuesday - We will begin our unit today over The Sectionalism of the U.S. part 1. (Standards 8.48-8.63) Pre-Wrok for this unit in class today. Muusty have your test questions submitted by today. Must have you Timeline completed by today. The pre-work will be due around Wednesday 1-17-2018. The test for this unit will be on 1-19-2018.

Wednesday - Lecture over The Sectionalism of the US Part 1. We will cover 9 slides today. After we finish, students may complete their vocabulary that is due on Wed. 1-17-18. If your vocabulary is complete, students may play the game Oregon Trail in DOS version. 

Thursday - We will lecture over 4/5 slides in class today. We will create a newsletter using Microsoft Publisher on the election of 1824 and the corrupt bargain. The newsletter is a project grade and should be printed out. It is due next Friday. Vocabulary is due next Wed. 

Friday - We will wrap up the lecture on Sectionalism in the US Part 1 today. Atfer the lecture, students may complete vocabualry that is due 1-17-18. Then, they may finish the review that is due on 1-19-18. I will hand out the test review today. It is due the day of the test. The test is on Friday 1-19-2018. If they have all work done, they may play Oregon Trail in DOS. 


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