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Assignments 2017 - 2018
Due Date: 7/22/2018
Subject: Sixth Grade Math

Daily assignments/ homework posted in classroom daily. Assignments posted may not be exact and vary from class to class.


Great resource for struggling students: http://www.khanacademy.org/


Struggling with multiplicatiion? Practice your math facts in a fun way with REFLEX Math

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      Password: Luch # followed by gc ex. (1234gc)

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                                               Periods 1 - 4                                       

 Period 1, 2 and 3  Perriod 4       

 2/7 Intro ductiion to Ratios (Skittles Lab in class) no hw

      Video on-line under file manager

 no hw. Skittles lab in class

 2/8 worked on ratios packet Lesson 9 in class 

      Video of work is on-line under file manager/ classroom videos

 worked on ratios packet in class - No HW

 2/12 finish sheet on ratios and rates/ unit rates

     video of work is on-line 

 finsish sheet on ratio and rates/ unit rates
 2/13 complete ratio tables comparing rates/ unit rates ws  complete ratio table comparing rates. unit rate ws

 2/14 complete Ratios equivalent ratios and tape diagrams

        and double numbers lines

 complete tape diagrams and double number lines
 2/16 due wed after break tables and tapes ws  due wed after break tables and tapes ws

 2/26 Canvas assignment on perimeter and area (you must begin with 

       each formula

 Canvas Assignment of perimeter and Area of Recangles

   You must begin with formjulas

 2/28 canvas assignment area of parallelograms, trapezoids and triangle and test corrections (Video under file manager to help with hw.)

 complete canvas assiggnment on area or parallelograms, trapezoids and triangles

 3/1 compete ws on perimeter and area both sides

calculator is ok

complete side of perimeter and area only

calculator is ok

 3/4 None  none
 3/5 complete ws 10.2    complete ws 10.2

 3/6 worksheet on polygons

intro to surface area in class with polydrons

 worksheet on polygons

intro to surface are in class with polydrons

 3/7 worksheet namiing quadrilaterals  naming quadrilaterals ws
 3/8 none worked on defining surface area with nets  none worked on defining surface area with nets

 3/9 ws on surface area of rectangular prism

video on webpage under file manager

 ws on surface area of rectangular prisms

video is online and remind will be sent 

 3/12 complete classroom work on volume #4C only  None worked on finding volume of rectangular prisms and triangular prisms in class
 3/13 complete ws on volume front and back due tomorrow V = Bh

 complete ws on volume of prisms V = Bh

remind sent with anwers to back sheet

 3/14 Out for snow  snow day
 3/15 - complete study guide - Geometry test tomorrow  complete study guide - test tomorrow
3/19 none worked on mean,median,mode and range in class. pg 1 and 2 have been completed in class - no homework. test corrections due tomorrow signed by parents mean, median, mode and range in class completed first two pages. No homework. Please work on test corrections due to morrow signed by parentsl