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Assignments 2017 - 2018
Due Date: 7/22/2018
Subject: Sixth Grade Math

Daily assignments/ homework posted in classroom daily. Assignments posted may not be exact and vary from class to class.


Great resource for struggling students: http://www.khanacademy.org/


Struggling with multiplicatiion? Practice your math facts in a fun way with REFLEX Math

           go to :  www.Reflexmath.com

     username: Candelariaa

      Password: Luch # followed by gc ex. (1234gc)

This can be accessed off school site at home at any time


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                                               Periods 1 - 4                                       

 Period 1, 2 and 3  Perriod 4       

 1/4 Handed out State Practice Test (enter int EzAssessment)

      Monday 1/8

 Handed out State Practice Test (enter into EzAssessment_

 Due Monday 1/8

 1/9 None - intro to addition and subtraction equations (1 step)  none - introduction to add and sub equations
 1/10 None - worked in class solving equations  none worked on equations in class
 1/11 Daily 3 - weekly quiz tomorow  Daily 3 - weekly quiz tomorrow
 1/12 none  none