Students to Keep Their Computers This Summer


Your student will keep their GCS computer at home this summer!

If you move or will not return to GMS next school year, please contact us at 423-639-7841 about returning the device to our office. Your student should have a computer, charging cord, and computer pouch when they return to school in August. 8th Graders who will be attending GHS, will take their current computer, sleeve and charger with them. If an 8th grader will not be attending GHS, please contact us to arrange a drop off of their computer.

We are excited about the opportunities for our students during the summer to have additional quality learning experiences. We know that these additional summer learning opportunities are essential to accelerate students’ educational growth. As a part of our summer programs, students will need their GCS device as a tool for learning. Students will be asked to bring the device to school with them each day or leave it in the classroom during summer school.

In addition to needs for summer school, ALL students can have access to all the helpful learning platforms in our district- there are so many great programs available in Launchpad!

We are excited that students can keep these learning tools this summer!

Please take the time to wash your student(s) laptop sleeve(s) this summer. Here are directions for washing the sleeves:

a picture of washing directions