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GMS Boys' Basketball Coaches
Head Coach: Andrew Barnett, 
Assistant Coach: TBD
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GMS Summer Basketball Roster

If your number is located below, you have been chosen for the GMS Summer Basketball Roster


Practice will be on Monday, June 3, 2019 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the GMS gymnasium.


If you don't have a current athletic physical on file, dated after April 15th, you must have a current physical prior to participating / practicing with GMS Basketball.  


Numbers are in no particular order.

7896 (C.G.)

8625 (J.W.)

7035 (A.B.)

6163 (H.G.)

5800 (D.T.)

5985 (N.T.)

9961 (N.P)

6096 (A.D.)

5353 (K.L.)

7576 (I.M.)

6862 (D.T.)

3886 (D.L.)

1892 (C.S.)

7980 (J.M.)

7554 (Z.A.)

4661 (Z.D.)

B. Myers


Boys' Basketball


Summer: Summer Basketball program information will be given to the players who make the team after tryouts end.



(Up-coming 6th Grade) Tuesday, May 28th (12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.)


(Up-coming 7th and 8th Grade) Wednesday, May 29th (12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.)


Tryouts will be held in the Greeneville Middle School gymnasium.


Practice / Workouts: October


Season: November to February (depending on tournament outcomes).


A current athletic physical must be on file with the Athletic Director and dated after April 15 before trying out or participating in any school sport.  





 2018-2019 GMS Boys’ Basketball Team

2018-2019 GMS Boys’ Basketball Schedule

2018-2019 Boys' Basketball Results / Awards 


Varsity (Overall Record) : 16-7


Junior Varsity (Overall Record) : 14-2  


Middle 6 Conference Champions





GMS 36 - Rutledge 20 (JV)

GMS 37 - Rutledge 28 (Varsity) 


The Boys Varsity Basketball Team opened the season Thursday night with a win against Rutledge Middle School.  The Greene Devils held a 20-13 lead at half-time and were up 30-21 at the end of 3 quarters. The Greene Devils played a strong 4th quarter and finished off Rutledge by a final score of 37-28.  Leading scorers were Adjatay Dabbs who led all scorers with 13 points.  Parker Shipley and Damien Short both added 6 points, while J.J. Durbin had 4 points and Landon White added 3 points.




GMS 48 - T.A. Dugger 27 (JV)

GMS 38 - T.A. Dugger 39 (Varsity) 


The Boy Basketball Team played home last night against T A Dugger.  In the JV game the boys had little with in winning by a score of 48-27.  Leading scorers were Hayden Goad with 12, Draven Taylor 10, JD Woolsey and Amanuel Dickson both added 5 points.


In the varsity boys game,  it all came down to the final shot.  The Greene Devils fought their way back from 15 points down to having the final shot down by 1 point to only see the ball rattle in and then out as time expired to come up short by a score of 39-38.  It was a Great team effort!


Leading scorers were Adjatay Dabbs had 16 points and Jayquan Price added 12 points.




GMS 36 - Vance 26 (JV)

GMS 36 - Vance 28 (Varsity) 


The boys basketball team played away at Vance Middle School last night.  The JV boys won by a score of 36 -26 as 8 Greene Devils scored on their way to victory.  Leading scorers were Draven Taylor with 11 points, Chandler Gamble with 6, Kameron Lester and Amanuel Dickson each added 4 and Austin Beets had 3 points. 


Varsity also won by beating Vance by a score of 36-28.  Leading scorers were Adjatay Dabbs with 16, Jayquan Price 6, Kameion Lester 5 and Mason Laws who put in a great defense effort also added 4 points.   Damien Short and JJ Durbin each pulled down 11 rebounds each. 




The boys basketball team played against John Sevier. The JV boys earned a hard-fought victory with a score of 43-37. Several Devils got in on the scoring action with Kameron Lester scoring 8, Draven Taylor and Amanuel Dickson scoring 7, and Hayden Goad, Chandler Gamble, and Isaac McGill putting in a couple of baskets  apiece. 


The varsity boys suffered a tough loss 48-31. Leading scorers were Damien Short with 14 and Mason Laws with 6.




GMS 56 - Robinson 20 (JV)

GMS 54 - Robinson 39 (Varsity)


Ross Robinson came to town last night to play the Boys Basketball Team.

In the Junior Varsity game The Greene Devils jumped out to 13-4 lead and never looked back coasting to a 56-20 victory.  Leading scorers were Hayden Goad and Draven Taylor with 14 points each,  J.D. Woolsey and Grayson Collins both had 7 points. Kam Lester 6, Austin Beets 3, Isaac McGill and Amanuel Dickson each had 3 and Chandler Gamble added 1 point. 


In the Varsity Boys contest Ross Robinson showed up with the best record in the conference but left with a loss.  The boys jumped out to a 22-12 lead at halftime and beating them by a score of 54-39.  Mason Laws led all scorers with 20 points, Kam Lester 9 points, JJ Durbin and Damien Short both had 7 points, Adjatay Dabbs 6, Jayquan Price 3, Braydon Kennedy added 2 points.




GMS 36 - Liberty Bell 51 (JV)

GMS 31 - Liberty Bell 48 (Varsity) 




GMS 42 - T.A. Dugger 34 (JV)

GMS 32 - T.A. Dugger 30 (Varsity)


The JV Boys beat T. A. Dugger by a score of 42-34. Leading scorers were Hayden Goad with 15 points, Kam Lester  13, Draven Taylor 8, JD Woolsey, Amanuel Dickson and  Chandler Gamble each added 2 points. 


In the Boys Varsity game, The Greene Devils won by a score of 32-30.  Leading scorers were Mason Laws and Jayquan Price each had 10 points, Kameron Lester 5, Adjatay Dabbs 4 and Damien Short added 2 points.