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GMS Girls' Basketball Coaches
Head Coach: Brooke White,
Assistant Coach: Brianna Fannon, 
GMS Girls' Basketball Information
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GMS Summer Basketball Roster

If your number is located below, you have been chosen for the GMS Summer Basketball Roster


Practice will be on Monday (06-03), Tuesday (06-04), and Thursday (06-06).  A practice schedule will be given out to players next week at practice.  Practice is from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the GMS gymnasium.  


If you don't have a current athletic physical on file, dated after April 15th, you must have a current physical prior to participating / practicing with GMS Basketball.  


Numbers are in no particular order.

(5996) A.S.

(1781) M.M. 

(3136) A.H.

(6574) R.H.

(9296) B.F.

(6136) A.A.

(5832) A.C.

(6796) K.W.

(6668) D.B.

(3812) G.R.

(4373) K.C.

(2117) J.S.

(5591) E.S.

(0501) M.G.

(7677) A.S.

T. Aiken

K. Crumbley

Girls’ Basketball
Summer: The summer practice, play days, and game schedule will be given to those who make the GMS Girls’ Basketball team after summer tryouts.
(Up-coming 6th Grade) Tuesday, May 28th (3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
(Up-coming 7th and 8th Grade) Wednesday, May 29th (3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
at GMS gymnasium 
A cut will be made on both days. Anyone who made the cuts on Tuesday and Wednesday will try out again on Thursday, May 30th.
Tryouts will be held in the Greeneville Middle School gymnasium.
Practice / Workouts: October
Season: November to February (depending on tournament outcomes).
A current athletic physical must be on file with the Athletic Director and dated after April 15 before trying out or participating in any school sport.



2018-2019 GMS Girls’ Basketball Team



2018-2019 GMS Girls’ Basketball Schedule

2018-2019 GMS Girls' Basketball Results / Awards 


Varsity (Overall Record) : 17-4


Junior Varsity (Overall Record) : 10-6


2nd place - Pigeon Forge Christmas Tournament


3rd place - Hardin Valley New Year's Tournament


1st place - Middle 6 Conference Champions


Lauren Bailey, Middle 6 All-Conference Team  




GMS 36 - Rutledge 20 (JV)

GMS 63 - Rutledge 33 (Varsity)




GMS 20 - T.A. Dugger 31 (JV)

GMS 38 - T.A. Dugger 39 (Varsity) 



Maggie Morelock 8 pts and Dalaina Martin 6 pts 



Lauren Bailey 19 pts, Tambryn Ellenburg 6 pts, and Chloe Marsh 6 pts




GMS 19 - Robinson 28 (JV)

GMS 49 - Robinson 11 (Varsity)



Tanna Bookhamer 11 pts



Lauren Bailey 17 pts, Lindy Carter 13 pts, and Chloe Marsh 9 pts.

The Lady Devils were 19/29 from the field and 12/15 from the free throw line.




GMS 48 - Vance 17 (JV)

GMS 56 - Vance 19 (Varsity)


Abby Adkins 12 pts, Alexia Harmon 11 pts, and Dalaina Martin 10 pts


Lauren Bailey 15 pts, Chloe Marsh 12 pts, and Lindy Carter 9 pts




GMS 39 - Vance 15 (JV)

GMS 51 - Vance 12 (Varsity)



Delaina Martin 9 pts, Tanna Bookhamer 8 pts, and Brynn Ferguson 8pts.  



Anna Shaw 10 pts, Lindy Carter 10 pts, and Lauren Bailey 14 pts.  




GMS 16 - T.A. Dugger 30 (JV)

GMS 38 - T.A. Dugger 35 (Varsity)



Delaina Martin 3 pts, Madison Metcalf 3 pts.



Lauren Bailey 17pts, Chloe Marsh 8pts, and Lindy Carter 7pts.