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Discipline Policy

GMS Discipline Policy 2018-19


The Greeneville Middle School Staff believes that one of the most important lessons education should teach is discipline. While it does not appear as a subject, it underlies the whole educational structure; it is the training that develops self-control, character, orderliness, and efficiency.  Discipline is the key to good conduct and proper consideration of other people. With an understanding of the purposes of discipline in our school, students may form a correct attitude toward it.  They will not only do their part in making our school an effective place of learning, but develop the habit of self-restraint which will make them better citizens in our society. 


All decisions on disciplinary actions will be approved or decided upon by the administration at GMS.

Class Dojo will be utilized to track positive points and discipline points.  Parents should receive a Class Dojo invitation at registration.  Contact Mr. Salyer if you do not have one. 

-The positive points that a student receives reflect the virtue awards that students are recognized for every nine weeks (and twice yearly at Awards Day).  They are Courage, Fairness/Justice, Honesty, Kindness/Courtesy, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility, Self-Discipline, and Self-Respect.  Students will receive points for displaying these qualities while at school and have the chance to be recognized and rewarded on a weekly basis. 

-As for the discipline points, each of the following offenses could count one point each:  Unprepared for Class, Refusal to Complete Work, Cheating, Off-Task, Tardy to Class, Horseplay, Backpack to Academic Class, Disruptive/Disrespectful, Non-Compliance, No Hall Passes, and Gum.  Each of these offenses could count five points each, an office referral, and further discipline by administration:  Bullying, Theft, Fighting, Destruction of School Property, and Major Disrespect.  After the student receives four discipline points overall, the teacher assigning the fourth point will issue the student a lunch detention (isolated and silent lunch).  This will happen after eight points as well.  After the student reaches twelve points (and each increment of four thereafter), an after-school detention will be issued.  After-school detention will last until 3:45 at which time the student must have a ride home.  If the student accrues more than twenty points, administration will discuss other options such as multiple day suspensions or the GCS Alternative Learning Program (ALP), which is housed at the George Clem Building.  In addition to this list of consequences, students will also not be allowed to participate in the mid-year reward trip if they have received fifteen overall points by the time of the trip (December) and will not be allowed to participate in the end-of-year reward trip if they have received twenty overall points.