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One to One Program

The Greeneville City School District believes it is imperative that students living and learning in the district master and routinely practice 21st century skills that are relevant to both present and future success. To facilitate this, GCS has purchased 2,000 student devices through the Reach4IT campaign and other grants. These devices are being utilized and incorporated into curriculum in a variety of ways by enthusiastic GCS educators.

The GCS Board of Education approved the purchase of 1200 new HP Stream devices for use beginning in the 2018-19 school year to replace the first round of HP streams purchased in 2015.

The GSIA of each school has helped purchase protective sleeves for the student devices.

Parents/guardians are responsible for paying for damages caused by student negligence and accidents at school and at home. Parents have the option to purchase a protection plan for their student's device, which will cover these expenses. The cost of this plan is just $30 per student per year. This covers accidental/negligence damage to the student's computer up to the entire cost of the computer and charger. Lost computer sleeves are not covered by the protection plan.

Students and parents must agree to abide by the terms of the Computing Device Contract and the District Responsible Use Policy. Links to these forms can be found to the right.