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Math/Science CEC

You may be wondering what CEC/Learning Lab means for your child!  CEC stands for Curriculum Enhancement Class.  Your child has about an hour block of CEC: 28 minutes of Math/Science and 28 minutes of ELA/SS.  I am teaching the Math/Science portion and Mrs. Young is teaching the ELA/SS portion of this block.  What this means is that in the classroom I will be running 5 stations each week, with the students rotating through them daily.  I will meet weekly with the Math core teachers as well as the Science teachers to discuss what they are covering in class and offer ways I can either frontload material or re-teach/remediate skills in order to give students the support they need for mastery of content.  This opens up more time in core academics for teachers to dive deeper into the content and have more meaningful discussions with students.  This class provides an opportunity for students to understand content on a deeper level and receive individual support on skills that are challenging. 


My goal is to reinforce an understanding of math and science that leads to confidence in the classroom.  I want all my students to reach the highest possible goals for themselves.  It is okay to share how we as parents have struggled with math/science, but it is vital our children understand struggle is a temporary situation.  I sincerely believe each student can be successful in CEC.  To keep you aware of up-to-date information regarding the 7th grade news, content for the week, and any other information, I will be trying to send a weekly email and uploading weekly assignments to this webpage.  As your child’s teacher, I want you to feel comfortable talking to me.  Feel free to email me at or call the school at 639-7841.  I will contact you as quickly as possible.