Student Laptop Information

When a student enrolls at GMS, they will be issued a laptop, a charger for the laptop, and a laptop sleeve. Our current laptops are Dell Latitude 3190s, which were purchased in 2020. We anticipate replacing these devices in the 2023-24 school year.
Every classroom teacher makes use of these devices for student learning. 
Students are responsible for their laptops and will keep the same laptop for the entire 3-year life cycle. New laptops will be issued to students at the beginning of the 2023-24 school year.
The school system offers parents the choice to purchase a Device Protection Plan for their student's laptop every year. The cost of this plan is $30/year per student and it covers the cost of repairs caused by accidents and negligence, up to a maximum value of the cost of the computer and charger over the life-cycle of the computer, usually 3 years. This will cover things like lost chargers, broken displays, lost computers, etc. Once the value of the plan is exhausted, parents will be responsible for paying the costs of repairs. The maximum value of the laptops purchased in 2023 is $330. 
Typical costs of repairs are as follows:
Broken display:  $62
Lost charger:     $38
Damaged Keyboard: $20
The GMS GSIA has purchased Targus laptop sleeves for students to use to transport their computers. These sleeves have a lifetime warranty, so a student can exchange a defective sleeve for a new one. They should see the GMS Tech Leader, Mrs. Loewenkamp if their sleeve needs to be replaced.
Students are not required to make use of the sleeve if they have a backpack with a protective pocket for their device.
The protection plan does not cover the sleeves! If a student loses their sleeve, the cost to purchase a new one is $16.