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Computer Care

How to Care for your Computer:
  • Make sure you do not leave your computer in a location where it might get stepped on or sat on.
  • Never pick your computer up by the display. Always pick it up from the bottom.
  • Carry your computer in your sleeve with the sleeve zipped up.
  • Only keep your computer charger, earbuds, and other computer-related items (such as a mouse), in your sleeve. No books!
  • Before you close your laptop, make sure there is nothing sitting on the keyboard. If you close your laptop with a pencil or other object on the keyboard, the display may crack.
  • Do not eat or drink near your computer! Crumbs will damage your keyboard and a liquid spill may completely kill your computer.
  • Remember to plug your computer in at night and charge it so it will be fully charged and ready for the next school day.
Please take a moment to watch the following video about the do's and don'ts of computer care.