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All About Me

My name is Wendy Hansard. I have been an 8th grade science teacher at Greeneville Middle School since 2020. I have had a passion for science since I got my first microscope when I was 10 years old. Learning why the world works, how it works, and what I can do to make it better drives my teaching and my learning. I am very passionate about sharing my love for science with others.
I have lived in 5 different states. My family and I moved to Tennessee in 2017. We absolutely love the Smoky Mountains and all of the amazing people we have met here. We are proud to call Tennessee home.
I enjoy spending my time outside, whether it be hiking, camping, fishing, playing disc golf, croquet, or tennis. I grow a garden every year of both flowers and vegetables. My family and I play board games all the time and our collection of games keeps growing!