Who am I?

Hello GMS students and parents!!  My name is Sarah Jean Chapman, and I wanted to take some time to tell you a bit about myself.  I am a mom, gramma, teacher, sister, aunt, wife, daughter, and friend to many.  I have a peaceful, calm spirit in which I love to share with my students and coworkers.  I love to laugh and smile making the best out of life.
Let me go back to my earlier life.  I lived in upstate NY until I was six.  We made the journey to Baileyton, TN where we stopped for gas.  Well, that gas visit changed our lives.  My grandfather started talking (and he could tell the best stories) with the owner of the gas station.  The owner happened to have some property for sale, and six months later we were here!  
After I attended North Greene, I stayed close to home and attended Tusculum College.  I received my Bachelor's degree in 1992 and then my Master's degree n 1999. I had the best opportunity to work with Upward Bound for six years.  I was fortunate to be a UB student for four years in high school and then continue as staff.  We had some amazing experiences with the TRIO programs.  
As for family life, I have been married to my wonderful husband for 18 years.  We have two daughters and a son.  I am fortunate that my son is at GMS with me now.  I am a Gramma of five!  
Our current year, 2022-23, is my 30th year teaching as a special education teacher.  I started my teaching journey at GHS in 1992, and I moved to GMS in 1999.  Ever since I was in kindergarten, I wanted to become a teacher.  I am blessed with the experiences I have had.  I enjoy seeing you everyday, and I especially love to encourage reading!  I am the seventh grade case manager, but I teach 7th grade reading and math intervention.  I also provide inclusion support during the day.  
My planning is from 12:15-1:25 daily.  The GMS phone number is 423.639.7841 or my email is [email protected]
Reading is so important in our lives.  It can take us to places that we did not know existed.  Grab a book, curl up on the sofa, and enjoy!!
Sarah Chapman